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We will inform you when the order has been placed If we are shipping outside of the UK, customs agents may open your dolls box for inspection.

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We are also able to deliver to the local pickup warehouse of the chosen courier should you wish to be discreet. The production time for our sex dolls is generally 1 – 7 business days after your order has been paid for.This is especially true of our dominatrix women — they love to order you to slowly strip and if you’re already naked for them, they may be very angry at you since you’ve been a bad boy and they want to control you completely while you are enjoying your fantasy.We Have All Kinds of Women Now, even though we know lots of you guys like to be dominated, we do offer all kinds of women, from Southern Belles to Jewish American Princesses to Naughty School Girls.Now, there are just a few things you’ll need to know before you call one of our lovely ladies and enjoy an evening of unbridled passion: Get Comfortable This is phone sex so you’ll be on the phone with the woman of your dreams very soon.This means that you need to get yourself comfortable and have everything ready to roll before you call. Lie down in bed and call on the speaker phone if you need both hands. Got some fantasy you want to act out with our women? If you’re a bad boy and you want to wear some leather, be ready with that as well.With perfect D-cup breasts that are the ultimate playthings, this 155cm of perfection is designed to meet your every need. If you would like to talk to a member of the team please speak to us through our live chat or give us a call on 08.With soft TPE based skin and body, this doll performs just like the real thing and we think you will find her to be everything you could possibly want. If you like the look of this dolls body but would like to change the head or customise it’s features, simply select your options below and click add to basket.As all of our products are custom, production does not begin until the order has been paid for in full.Your doll is delivered in a large unmarked box via UPS or Fed Ex depending on the current rates, address etc.They’ll have your man juices flowing in no time because these ladies know what men want — hot, slutty women who want nothing more than to suck cocks and lick up buckets of cum.Trust us — our ladies want you to call right now and they are determined to make sure you feel like a new man by the time you’re done.

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