20 ideas for dating your wife

Start at one place for an appetizer, then on to the next restaurant for dinner, then finally somewhere for dessert.5.See a Movie I don’t love movies for date nights on a regular basis, because you can’t talk, but occasionally when there is a new movie that one of my kids is dying to see, we’ll go on opening night and make it a special occasion. :) Dinner or lunch first, and popcorn is always a must! Visit a Museum I love one-on-one museum visits, and so do my kids.I’ve pulled little ones behind me on a sled while cross country skiing, which they’ve all loved.Learning to love and appreciate nature and outdoor activities is SO fun. Do you live where there are apple farms (or other farms) or cider mills?We love the musicals especially, and it’s a great way to introduce your kids to the arts.

Do you have a minor league baseball or hockey team in your area?

Asking questions, and really listening to their answer is one of the best things you can do for them, and for your relationship–whether they’re two years old, or sixteen years old.

Date nights are perfect for this, and something we think is essential in our family.

Tickets are less expensive than professional games, so it’s more budget-friendly.19.

Perform service Depending on what’s in your area, and your specific interests and talents, there are really great ways you can spend time with your child, and teach them about serving others.

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