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An increasing number of chicken sheds in Australia have ‘tunnel ventilation’.Tunnel ventilation sheds have fans at one end of the shed which draw air into the shed through cooling pads in the walls, over the chickens and out the fan end of the house at high speed.The amount of air circulating through the shed is changed by raising/lowering curtains running along the side of the shed, or by a vent opening at the top of the shed.Fans encourage air flow, and water misting systems cool birds by evaporative cooling in very hot conditions.As the chickens grow, the area available to them is increased until they have free run over the floor of the entire shed.Generally, feed and clean water is available 24 hours a day, although some operators make feed available at specific 'meal times' only.Three or four temperature sensors in the poultry house allow the fan, heating and cooling settings to be adjusted as often as every three minutes.

The various sections can be accessed directly by clicking on the relevant heading in the listing below: Most commercial meat chicken farms are intensive, highly mechanised operations that occupy relatively small areas compared with other forms of farming. rice hulls, wood shavings) floors in large poultry sheds.Extra feed pans and water dispensers are provided in the brooding area, and the bedding may be partly covered with paper to stop dropped feed from getting into the bedding and spoiling.Both male and female chicks are reared as meat chickens.The chickens have adequate lighting to see by and to find feed and water, with dark periods each day to allow them to rest.The lighting provided is usually dimmer than natural lighting to promote calm.While the flocks are usually of mixed sex, some operations may grow male and female chickens separately, depending on market requirements.For example, one company grows out only male chickens in one area, allowing its operations and processing plant in that area to be geared up specifically for larger birds, while sending female chicks to another area.The farmer aims to maintain shed temperatures within this range, although in sheds of large birds towards the end of grow-out, the temperature may be reduced.Shed temperature and humidity can be managed by altering ventilation and using stirring fans and water mists.In Australia, a percentage of chickens are harvested from most flocks on several occasions.Harvesting, also known as ‘partial depopulation’, ‘thinning out’, or ‘multiple pick-up’, may be done up to four times, depending on need for light or heavy birds.

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