Adult roleplay online chat

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We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.With 5,125 games on record, 1,625 highly active (413 seeking players), we're sure you'll find a setting to suit you.Reliably providing 106,501 users with a place to get their gaming fix, since 2000; over 11 games created every day.[More Stats] 183 Guests, 240 Users (31 Spiders, 50 Hidden) Users active in past 30 minutes: Observing Trifles, Lomesa, Rampant Desires, Sain, Sunrise, Dashenka, Nico, Mithlomwen, Jag, Brittlby, Angie, Nightingayle, Mira Mirror, frostsider, Wistful Dream, CShades, Al Terego, National Acrobat, fireice, Ollumhammersong, Wyld Ranger, King Serperior, Miss Kaia, Theta Sigma, Orange Marmalade, Eobelle, The Villain, Sirius, Nymphadora, Untamed Skies, Hades, Crowned Sun, Curves, Keith, Kilin, Britwitch, Vergil1989, Eternity Waits, Twisted i N Tux, hornybeast, Ritsu, haren, Ket, Wingshadow, Chrisking777, Tamaska, Red Phoenix, Amber Starfire, Crackicus, Sully, Idej, Lizzie V, Oniya, Love Thyself, Galanthor, Kyrsa, Juggtacular, Miroque, kurioustoohear, Procyonix, Guinevere, Velasterian, Verona, Lord Bane, Chandy Man, Nachtmahr, Joanie Sappho, Quick Ben, Silk, Gunner, Atroxa, Voidknight, Petrus02, Lockepick, Tolvo, Zaphod, inflatetress, Premier, Wyatt, Darkcide, Wenterburn, Rhotic, Jefepato, Nadir, sweets, Magicaddict, Aprrrl, Kathyan, Luciferia, Gem, Usani, Cal1496, Myrleena, The Glyphstone, Anna Katrine, Sprikut, Birchleaf, Jinx, Callia, Lustful Bride, Bowen, Mercinus3, Regret Not, 7th Derp, midnightblack, Diabolus Lupus, Vampdrake19, Copper Lily, rikka, Tigara, Avalon29, Aiyanna, The Scarlet Blade, Ozone0530, The Hanged Man, Yugishogun, Lata Paine, Giantmutantcrab, Orochimaru, Yoda, kingmaster1, Seraph Azriel, LD, El Capitan, Dark Incubus, Shandragontear, jonjameson, Jester, Jacobi, Annie, Krystalized Kiss, Captjoe, Haru329, Levi, Gman001, pleaseteaseme, Dingo, Totes Rider, Electronic Vice, skyre, Vashti Dreamer, Ryan0992, Einzig, Drowdeviant, Miss Eleanora, Pink Professional, katgrimm, Notadrywall, Kamiki, Lord Malcolm, Sun Wukong, Justric, RPG33K, Adrasteia, Gilgameshian, Dath, Pale Enchantress, Iso, Inverted Agony, crueltales, tarasalem, Veleno, Bliss, Mellific, Fragarach Z, Md G, Mr L, Zaer Darkwail, Narath, Magical Pen, Behind You, Summerlily, slayerred, Pocket Watch, Darwishi, RSGAlex, Semper Fi, Writersblockade, Jared Syn, Zilyana, Zero, renrac, Boston Rocko60, Syene, Love And Submission, Lawshenk, Kaspider, Lord Hallow, Ace Flyer, Elf, Google (3), Exabot, Baidu (27) [Centurion] [Champion] [Dame] [Denied] [Deverified] [Eunuch] [Genie] [God] [Goddess] [Isolation] [Knight] [Lady] [Legate] [Liege] [Lord] [Mentor] [On Hiatus] [On Hold] [Oracle] [Restricted] [Suspended] [Underage] Most Online Today: 510.Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.The bartender is named Jerry, the owner is his wife Jessy, and Hobgoblins serve up the meals. Do not force any situation on another person’s character without their consent.If a disagreement arises, private message one another to resolve it.All of their magic and weapons are stripped from them, and they all...BTACD is an immersive and original high fantasy role-play Jcink forum focused on freedom of creativity within the established lore.If that becomes impossible, use the ignore feature. Hello, and welcome to Elliquiy's role playing forums.

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