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UNHCR, whose ‘special envoy’ is Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, said it had one substantiated case of abuse in 2016, for which a member of staff had been dismissed.

It had 19 complaints of sexual exploitation or abuse in 2017, of which six are still being assessed. Details of two other cases involving under-18s are unknown.

The Prince’s Trust, which received £14 million in public-sector funding last year, said: ‘Three staff have been disciplined for insensitive or inappropriate behaviour in relation to young people, not constituting sexual abuse.’ One was dismissed.

Amnesty International, which does not receive public funding, said it had had three alleged cases of sexual harassment in the past ten years, resulting in a volunteer being dismissed. Another DFID contractor, VSO, said last night that staff had made eight allegations of sexual misconduct by employees in the past three years.

She has asked charities which receive money from the UK’s £13 billion aid budget to tell her what they have done about historic abuse allegations, and has had 161 responses so far.

This newspaper can reveal some of the figures that have been provided by some of the biggest names in overseas aid.

The United Nations aid agency backed by Angelina Jolie has been hit by 19 allegations of sex abuse by staff in the past year alone, it can be revealed, with three of the alleged victims being under 18.I wouldn’t say that’s sexist necessarily, it’s just down to gender differences.” She added that selfies were a no-no for men because they so often looked uncomfortable when taking them.“The most important thing in your profile picture is to look welcoming – I haven’t found it matters so much whether it’s inside or outside – and that’s hard to do when you’re taking a picture of yourself.If you don’t see what you are looking for then check back regulary or even better simply complete the sign up box to keep up to date of new events such as speed dating in your area with a FREE MEMBERSHIP to our dating community.When The Music Stops has been matching singles of all ages very successfully for the past ten years through our various events from speed dating nights to singles holidays.We hope you find the information here useful and we would love to hear from you, don’t forget to join our dating community before you leave our site by completing the sign up box below.Finding a new partner is such a natural part of being human but it can be a jungle at times.We organise speed dating, singles social and dating events UK wide to provide you with a real and fun alternative to online dating.After a redevelopment, When The Music Stops offers so much more for singles in the form of singles events, speed dating, singles holidays and even murder mystery singles nights, in fact we have something for everyone.Ms Jolie declined to comment but a source close to the actress said she will find the allegations ‘upsetting’ and ‘inexcusable’ and has raised the matter with the agency.Meanwhile, Adam Smith International – which had its government work frozen after The Mail on Sunday revealed alleged ‘dirty tricks’ to win contracts – said it was still preparing its response to DFID’s request for information and a spokesman said it was conducting ‘an internal review to determine the extent and nature of historic cases of sexual misconduct and how they were managed’.

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