Are mz berry and ray j dating dating marriage friends online

Interestingly enough, Cocktail never denied Ray’s claims that she slept with other women as well.

Things got even more heated and Ray J ended up walking off the stage.

She says and Ray-J had a great chemistry, but were separated by distance.

We’re at it again with another VH1 reality dating show Where Are They Now?

Two days later, it is still being widely talked about.

The reunion show was a big hit mainly because it brought the drama.

In the new interview, Mz Berry claimed she did see Ray J once within the last five months but it was not aired on the reunion show for some reason.Since then, the brunette has been one of the most consistently searched celebrities on the entire Internet.People can't seem to get enough of her life — what she's wearing, who she's dating, and, in 2012, why someone threw a sack of flour on her head. Berry were still an item during the filming of the show and even for periods of time five months after the show, but says he had to break it off with her because she was simply too much drama. Berry had sex, she and Ray-J were never intimate during the filming of the show.This Stu character highlighted her skill in the bedroom and her abilities in the kitchen as her best attributes, and says Mz.The star's gone through plenty of search-worthy drama over the last six...Read Full Story(MTV) On tonight's episode of MTV's hilarious video clip commentary show Ridiculousness, some major KOs will go down. Because show host Rob Dyrdek decided he wanted to do a little something special in honor of special guest Ray J, who recently launched the independent record label Knockout Entertainment. Read Full Story(Fame Flynet Pictures)For reasons unknown and unclear, Ray-J initially refused to admit that his charming little ditty "I Hit It First" was inspired by reality television personality Kim Kardashian, with whom he famous starred in a sex tape about a decade ago.The singer/producer, who rose to fame back in 2007 thanks to his lead role in the Kim Kardashian sex tape, has a new single that's clearly a reference to his former co-star (despite his assertions otherwise).Let's just lay out the facts and let you decide what the song's about.1.Family, friends, and plenty of celebs will gather at the venue to pay their last respects to the fallen star.One attendee will be Whitney's on again, off again boyfriend Ray J.

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