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By the 11th century, the Seljuk Turks had taken control of Palestine and closed Jerusalem to both Jews and Christians.The Muslim invaders attacked Constantinople (the capitol of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Eastern Church), and were headed into Europe, before the first Crusade was called by Pope Urban II in 1095 to defend the Christian chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.

However, while there certainly were misdeeds performed during the Crusades – – the larger issue is whether or not the Church in general – or even the Crusades in particular – were at fault for such acts. It was in the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century that the current view of the Crusades was born.” Even after the Reformation / Enlightenment period, the Crusades were not looked upon in a negative light.

This divided both Empire and Church, and the East would never forgive the West for the atrocities that occurred (which sadly mirrored previous atrocities from the East).

The lasted from 1248-1254, with Islamic forces destroying the remnants of the Crusader territories. The major issues people cite concerning the Crusades (when they can cite any at all) often involve some of the urban legends surrounding them.

Hitler and his Nazi state can be properly blamed for the atrocities of the Holocaust, for these vile acts flowed directly from his teachings and commands. Even Muslims showed little interest in the Crusades before it became politically expedient after “the West” declared Israel a nation once again.

But were the Crusades equally to blame for the evil performed while they were enacted, or are they, like other Christian Urban Legends, misunderstood and misrepresented? Madden, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of History at Saint Louis University, says that, “During the Middle Ages you could not find a Christian in Europe who did not believe that the Crusades were an act of highest good. argued that to fight the Muslims was to fight Christ himself, for it was he who had sent the Turks to punish Christendom for its faithlessness. Only in the last couple generations have the Crusades became the “whipping wars” in anti-religion propaganda.

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