Backup exec updating catalogs

Go to your storage: Click in to it then into the Backup Sets … Click Yes to all Depending on what is in the backup set you want to delete you may get prompted as follows: I want the data deleted so click Delete this set and all dependent backup sets … The green progress bar will appear at some point and slowly update, be patient.

Scroll down to the bottom then highlight the items you want to delete … The process will repeat as Backup Exec rolls through the backup sets you have selected, possibly prompting again for your input on deletion.

This will tell BUE what is in the drive and what backup media files exist.

Then you'd run a catalog against those media files in order to see what actually exists WITHIN those backup media files to be able to restore.

We run a handful of incremental backups to disks each night and a full weekly every friday night, after each backup runs it then runs a disk to tape.

So in the morning all our severs are nicely backed up to tape : D GREAT! Document ID: 295620 E-Mail this document to a colleague A duplicate backup job of a Granular Restore Technology (GRT) enabled Exchange 2007 incremental backup set from disk to tape fails with the error "Unable to acquire device for the specified pool and media" Exact Error Message V-79-57344-33029 - Error - Mount failed. V-79-57344-33029 - Unable to acquire device for the specified pool and media Details: A duplicate backup job from a backup-to-disk (B2D) folder to tape for a GRT enabled Exchange 2007 incremental backup set may fail with the above error.

A couple months ago we started to transition our backups (Exchange, SQL, and Share Point) to Backup Exec 2012 from Microsoft DPM 2010.

Supplemental Material: System: Ref.# Description ETrack: 1179311 E2K7: Duplicate to tape of E2K7incremental backup are failingwith Unable to acquire device forthespecified pool and media UMI: V-79-57344-33029 Unable to acquire device for the specified pool and media Error Code: 0xe0008105 Invalid Physical Volume Library Media Identifier. does Tuesday's take longer than Monday's and Wednesday's longer than Tuesday's?

So, let's say you have an LTO tape from 2 years ago.

You'd insert it, then run an Inventory on the tape library/drive.

I'm sure you can simply look in the's my definition...

Catalog = a list of the files/folders/dates/etc backed up WITHIN a backup file that BUE created. If the catalog has expired in the BUE database, then you'll need to run a catalog on the backup media in order to restore files from them. Inventory = when run against a Library or Backup-to-Disk-Folder will inventory that location looking for backup files and listing them along with what media set they are in (and therefore when/if they are overwriteable, appendable, etc.).

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