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Though it would be wonderful not to have constant backache and to see an end to the deep ridges in my shoulders from years of bra straps digging into my skin under the weight of my breasts, I wouldn’t ever have surgery to reduce my cleavage.

I should have been careful what I wished for because when I hit 14 my breasts appeared to develop overnight.

No one ever describes me as Sarah with the dark hair, blue eyes or trademark red lipstick.

I’m known as ‘Sarah with the big boobs’, but I adore that.

The boys nicknamed me Ben Nevis because of my chest, but it was all done in good humour so I wasn’t offended.

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When I first put on a L-cup bra, I was thrilled at the number of friends who asked if I’d lost weight because my breasts looked more pert and my waist was nipped in.

This episode of the Big Curvy Love podcast we interview Amy […] Fab Uplus Magazine is the only body positive, health, fitness and lifestyle magazine dedicated to women with curves. This episode of the Big Curvy Love podcast we are chat with the Founder and Editor in Chief, Shannon Svingen-Jones about how she went from sitting in a doctors office seeking weight loss surgery to launching the only plus […] I recently saw the casting notice for Bursting With Love.

Its a reality TV show based around the oh so shocking idea that a fit person (they really should say slim) could be attracted to a fat person.

The physical pain of carrying around the extra weight of large breasts is sometimes unbearable.

I weighed them once by getting on my bathroom scales at home and asking my husband to support the weight of my breasts with his hands — I instantly lost 17lb.

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