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"He's a talented man and I wish him luck, although he doesn't need my luck.

Regular visitors to Borat Online know that we have an excellent Behind the Scenes area of the site where we post exclusive interviews with Borat victims who can laugh about it after the event. If you know any of the following people, or if you ARE any of the following people - then send an email to [email protected] if you're willing to answer one or two questions! Lady from Dating Agency Jenny Noel from Great Expectations Dating Agency is a true professional, Borat is at his worst (best!

1 movie in the nation, has done more than make people laugh.

It's made some of the people in the film pretty angry.

But as he rounds the corner, his festive spree appears to be under threat as a concerned employee walks towards him, gesturing to say he should leave the store.

Seeing him approaching, the daring dancer twizzles his hips and blares 'Hey, sexy lady! Though visibly disappointed to be ejected, the man complies, giving the bemused employee one final display of his dancing ability.

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Please mister Webmaster, can you please be interviewing:1. Eat Hair Around Testi-Satchel (Babra Bush)But funniest of all is animal rights lady who is telling Mr.

Karate expert Danny Passmore, Flirting coach Peta Heskell, Gun shooter Ken Goldberg, Series Producer Dan Mazer and others have all been interviewed here. ) explaining how he would crush an unfaithful woman and that he is big like a can of Pepsi.

Even as Borat explains his future wife must have plough experience and have no history of retardment in family Ms Noel stays cool and handles it with class throughout. Ginger Student Borat visits Edinburgh and a group of comedy hopefuls, 'ber Sausage'. The British public were sat back watching what they thought was just Da Ali G Show when this mental bloke from Kazakhstan came on getting lessons on how to be an English Gentleman. Borat's wrestling partner When Borat visits Baseball team The Savannah Sand Gnats he ends up in the mens' changing rooms.

Bringing the microphone to his mouth with a flourish, he launches into an enthusiastic dance, shaking his hips from side to side and gyrating furiously.

He then calmly picks up his speakers and wheels them round to the next aisle, trotting like a horse.

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