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Particularly, as my friends have pointed out, after a difficult break-up. So, after the final end of a messy, long on-off relationship in October, I changed my hair colour once more – to brunette, for the first time.

I’d been blonde, ginger, bright red, but never brown.

The form "brun" (pronounced ) is still commonly used in Scotland, particularly in rural areas, and is also the word for "brown" in the Scandinavian languages.

In modern English usage, however, it has lost the diminutive meaning and usually refers to any brown- or black-haired girl or woman, or the associated hair color.

It’s been a debate that has raged as long as dating and sex have been a thing. We’ve all heard the well-worn notion that men prefer blondes, that blondes have more fun etc.

As if somehow your hair colour dictates how much you will enjoy life.

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People with brown hair are often referred to as brunette, which in French is the feminine form of brunet, the diminutive of brun (brown, brown-haired or dark-haired).

The term brunette is the feminine form of the French word brunet, which is a diminutive form of brun meaning "brown/brown-haired", the feminine of which is brune.

All of these terms ultimately derive from the Proto-Indo-European root *bhrūn- "brown, grey".

I was very free, very single and very much ready to mingle with my new brunette hair.

I’d tried dating apps during the very ‘off’ period of my aforementioned romantic entanglement.

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  1. Now, I was always a straight-A student, but I didn't always make high A's because there was this general feeling of "I really need to start worrying about schoolwork sophomore and junior year, not now." I was wrong. When you're open to casual friendships with everyone you meet, you'll end up making a lot more friends and you'll be a more liked and a happier person in general. To be honest, I entered my freshman year of high school wanting to go on my first date and have my first crush and have a guy like me back.