Cancer dating another cancer Adult chatting bangalore

Over time, most people are able to adjust to the new reality in their lives and go forward.

Some may need extra help from a support group or a mental health professional to learn to deal with the changes cancer has brought into their lives.

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For more information, please see Coping With Cancer in Everyday Life.There are some common physical changes shared by many people with cancer.The cancer itself causes some of these changes and others are the result of side effects of cancer treatment.There may be times when the uncertainty and fear cause the person with cancer to seem angry, depressed, or withdrawn.This is normal and is a part of the process of grieving what was lost to the cancer (things like health, energy, time).Some people use humor and find it to be a relief from the serious nature of the illness.But some may become withdrawn and isolated from family and friends. People often try to maintain as much control as they can in order to feel more secure. They might be grieving the loss of their own healthy self-image, or the loss of control over their own lives.Supervisors may wonder what they can do to best help the person while still getting the work done.Communication and flexibility are the keys to success.People report that fatigue can be overwhelming, and they are surprised at how tired they can feel long after treatment ends.It can take a long time to heal after surgery, and people can feel tired for months after an operation.

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