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A sort of woozy inflatable doll, Amanda comes off like a Jeff Koons statue of Marilyn Monroe, a walking work in progress whose nonstop array of surgeries have made her a unique comment on womanhood, and every inch a dame. In New York, she gets paid to enter a room, lips first.

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Playing a ditz comes naturally to her (she sang “I Know What Boys Like” for Another Gay Movie Soundtrack and the downtown classic “My Hair Looks Fierce” on her first album, 2005’s I…Amanda Lepore), but it’s a pose, a winky attempt to portray a sort of modern day Ann-Margret, albeit one who once had a penis.Amanda Lepore, the transgender model and plastic surgery aficionado, says she had an assignation with a rapper who is now married.Leopore, 49, who became a fixture in New York nightlife and has been featured in advertising campaigns for Armani Jeans and Mac Cosmetics, released her memoir, 'Doll Parts' in April.Lepore says soon after her liaisons with the rapper ended, he married.She compared her physique to the rapper's wife: 'I couldn't help but think that his wife had a similar body type to me.' The hint at the rapper wife's figure has people guessing she's referring to Kim Kardashian, who married Kanye in 2014.Currently, Amanda is in the studio working on a new album.Amanda has also been busy with her memoir, “Doll Parts” which is due for release in the Spring of 2017, to be published by Regan Arts, in collaboration with Vigliano Associates and Peace Bisquit.Regarding her childhood, not much is known except for the fact that she was a straight girl and had hormone changes in her late teens.She used to go to a public school, but later was privately tutored at her home.Lepore has become famous in part for her extreme plastic surgery.In her book she claims to have had an affair with a rapper, people have speculated she's referring to Kanye West.

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