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By healing past traumas, loving and forgiving ourselves, and embodying our divine presence as much as possible, deep-seated feelings of unworthiness fall away and we emanate our true radiance, thus magnetizing a partner equally empowered and awake.When we are in a place of personal power, there is no being shy or procrastinating.“In-joy” the process, be positive and choose to make it a fun adventure!Some of the couples I work with have been having sex that is more of an intellectual exercise than an emotional connection.Approaching sex from this new perspective opens up a lot of potential and can allow a broader range of sexual moods and therefore, creative ways of interacting. Most of us can easily imagine sex expressing love, lust, joy, curiosity, contentment.And yet, many of us hide even these feelings in sex.We encourage members to listen to their inner guidance in regard to whom to contact, be grateful in advance and stay in their divine flow.

The power of two seems to be exponentially greater.

Video chatting is a great way to assess common values and get to know someone on a deep level before traveling to meet in person.

Natural Awakenings Singles is a niche dating site for those that are conscious, spiritual and green.

There is a lot of strategizing, observing, fantasizing, worrying, critiquing, hoping… I invite them to experiment with sexual play that consciously uses emotion to guide their sexual action, sharing with their partner how they feel in that moment.

In expressive sex, the focus is on using touch and body movements to communicate what you are feeling.

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