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About two thirds of the profiles are fake: made up profiles of non-existent people, or profiles of people that canceled their memberships many years ago already. I changed my location on the site but my matches don't move to FL. I cancelled it almost immediately specifically to ensure that automatic renewing was turned off and that is the only way that it can be done.

My profile looks OK with photos and true description but I only get a few matches. I used my purchased and paid for 3 months and then did not renew the subscription.

which made my access to my account and my membership useless...

which I told them and requested that they restored also my 7-day free trial membership that they took away with that "technical error".

2 days later I was charged an additional month's subscription and told that I didn't cancel so I was charged based on an "auto renewal" clause. (You need to cancel it while being logged into your account.) If you do not give them your credit card data and you do not agree to pay for at least one month of their membership, they do not give you those 7 days of free trial membership that they promise in their TV advertisement, which makes their promise a willful misleading of customers - i.e.

I never signed up for auto renewal, I followed their instructions on how to cancel, received immediate confirmation that I was canceled and they were "sad to see me go" and offered me 3 months for the price of one if I would stay. Mind you this was the first time I have ever signed up for a dating service. Contacted the customer service and I was told that they will not disclose as to why I got terminated or any further details. fraud and deception – and I was disappointed but this turned out to have been only the first of the many scams they do.

I still canceled and now I've been charged again, have no recourse other than to give them a 1 star review. I explained my situation to Match and they say there's nothing they can do. I think they make their money off of people who don't know about the auto renew function and make no apologies for scamming their users. A couple of hours after I had paid for membership, my log-in was rejected and a pop-up window informed me that blocked my access to my account and I should send an email to their resolution center, which would respond in 2 days and fix the issue, unless it was a weekend because they do not work during weekends.

Since it was Friday afternoon, my problem would remain unresolved for 3 days, I realized, and I would be thus left with only 4 days of my free trial membership.

I tried to log-in and it indeed worked but my free membership was dismissed and I could not send or read emails...I logged back into Match to find that my account was reactivated. I joined Match 1.5 years ago, after 3 months I canceled as it was expensive and I wasn't getting quality matches.I tried to sign up again recently as I thought I would give it another try, lo and behold they terminated my account after I upload a picture, I had not message or contacted or viewed anyone, just created a profile and loaded a nice respectful pictures.and that I demanded that they either immediately re-instate my access and membership or cancel my account and they should accept my said email as a written cancellation, since they were preventing my cancelation while being logged-in to my account...and that I was going to hand this matter to the police as a deception, fraud and attempted theft, unless they fix it within 48 hours.I again received a note "send email to customer service to resolve the issue" and they again denied me the phone conversation with customer service, and they said they would respond to my email and resolve the issues in 2 days...They did not respond in two days, and also not in three days, so I wrote another email to them and demanded that they re-establish my access to my account or to cancel my account and my membership payment, since they were preventing me from logging into my account and canceling it by myself...It turned out that many other customers had experienced exactly the same issues - the access to their accounts was blocked as soon as they had agreed to be billed for a membership once the free trial period would expire - and from the posted complaints I also learned that those members' attempts to cancel their accounts and prevent the future's charges were futile too because kept denying their access to their accounts and kept telling them that only by being logged-in to their accounts they could cancel the future charges.Wow, it became obvious that might be doing these things deliberately and willfully defrauding people – and repetitively so - wow...I sent an email to the address they provided and I described both my issue and the fact that I found also many other cases of the same kind on Internet...and that since there was no reason for the block of my access to my account, it could indeed be a scam...

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