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Return to table of contents /(pdf/printer-friendly - 471kb) No abused woman has control over her partner's violence, but women can and do find ways to reduce their risk of harm.Safety planning is a tool to help you to identify options, evaluate those options, and come up with a plan to reduce your risk when faced with the threat of harm or with actual harm.You might also think about taking a few things to increase the comfort for you and your children, such as favorite toys, security blanket, electronic devices such as hand-held video games or MP3 players (like i Pods), photos, and sentimental items.Be sure to take any items that could be used as evidence of the abuse.This publication will provide information on the help available from local domestic violence programs and the criminal justice system.

That way, you'll know in advance if you have a place to stay, where to go for help with money, or a safe person who can keep copies of important papers for you.

This could include photographs of your injuries, threatening notes or messages, copies of police reports, medical records such as hospital discharge papers or x-rays, or a journal of the abuse.

Leaving your partner may not end the danger you faced while in the relationship.

Sometimes the people you trust may mean well and offer you suggestions that don't seem right to you.

Y The list above suggests important items that you may need.

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