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“Then they see me so happy that I was willing to leave the city I love to be with this person.”Joel Fleming, 81, turned to online dating after realizing that he’d probably already met every eligible single woman of interest in his small town of Alamosa, Colo.“Once you get to be older than dirt, you’re not going to bop off to the local gin mill,” Fleming said.He met a few interesting women, but there were also disappointments.“A few ladies,” Fleming said, “were less than honest in their presentation.” One woman listed her age as 72, but confessed in person that she was in fact 86.Our, owned by, is a site for singles over 50, and AARP even has its own matching service, powered by the dating company How About We.Jeannie Assimos, senior managing editor at e Harmony, urges potential daters worried about being computer savvy to look past the technology.If that’s a major concern, she advises recruiting adult children or friends to help write a profile and contact matches.

Over lunch, she complimented Richard on his “beautiful” blue eyes and he took her — a jewelry enthusiast — to a bead store.“I just want everybody to know that, because I want other women in a similar situation to mine to realize that it can be done," she said.For single seniors who want to make like Martha and try their luck online, there are plenty of options: In fact e Harmony says that demographic is one of its fastest growing segments.‘Love at first sight’ That’s exactly how Joan and Richard Madouse felt about finding each other on Our in 2008.Joan, 70, and Richard, 79, had been previously married for a total of 89 years.Then he contacted a woman named Marky Thorsness in early 2012. She lived on a ranch outside of Durango, Colo., where she grew hay and gardened.The only problem was that Thorsness’ daughter had started the profile without telling her mother.A believer in the rule of three, she decided to join, where after logging in a few times she saw the same photo of a man with “the sweetest smile ever” three times. She and Jack Cox, age 61, sent messages to each other over the site and soon began emailing.After two weeks, they were speaking for an hour every night. For their first date in the summer of 2012, Cox traveled from Madison, Wis., to Chicago to meet Depcik.Thorsness was skeptical, but eventually decided to meet Fleming in person.“I don’t think he was looking for someone to just wash his clothes,” she said.

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