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Depression-era furniture is often quite decorative looking but can be very poor quality. While expected in lower and moderately priced furniture, it is also found in some of the better-known retail furniture sellers.It became very evident to me that just because a piece of furniture was from a high-end store or manufactured by an respected furniture brand, complete with high price that store, brand nor price insured superior quality.

Do you have an idea of what a new dresser costs these days? A quick look at Pottery Barn on-line shows a basic four-drawer chest for 0. It is harder to find actual prices for new pieces of some of the top end brands on-line, brands like Thomasville.For my mind to get completely wrapped around the concept of the true value of painted vintage or antique furniture I had to have something to compare it to, which, of course, would be new furniture.We all know that worth/value do not have the same meaning as price/cost.What I found in the stores was pieces running from around 00 for a chest on their low end to 00.00 for a high-quality wide dresser.What amazed me was the quality (or lack of) of some of the pieces being sold today. It was not until I checked the quality of the Stickley and Henredon that I found quality similar to that of the vintage pieces I seek out to re-love with paint.At Pottery Barn, I found a bedside table for 9.00.It comes in three finishes; black, antique white and mahogany stain. The in-store ‘special price’ was 79.00 and I found it on-line 29.10 to 99.00.The first thing to think about is how the piece will be used.Is it going to be placed in a formal entryway that is rarely used or is it going to be the dresser for your child that you want for them to use until they leave your home?One Sunday I set out on a recon mission—a trip down to the greater Phoenix area, where there is a large concentration of retail stores.I was able to hit an independent furniture store, a store that specializes in some of the higher end brands of furniture, Restoration Hardware.

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