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The first thing to think about is how the piece will be used.Is it going to be placed in a formal entryway that is rarely used or is it going to be the dresser for your child that you want for them to use until they leave your home?The on-line description says it is made of mindi hardwood, pine and poplar and has a dovetailed drawer. I am a little suspect of this piece, as I could find no information of what kind of wood it was manufactured from. It was different from everything else I was seeing that day.Sadly, I am not sure what happened to the pictures I snapped of it that day. The collection is made to order (I believe the salesperson said in Italy) and takes a few months to arrive.What I found in the stores was pieces running from around 00 for a chest on their low end to 00.00 for a high-quality wide dresser.What amazed me was the quality (or lack of) of some of the pieces being sold today. It was not until I checked the quality of the Stickley and Henredon that I found quality similar to that of the vintage pieces I seek out to re-love with paint.I believe craftsmen and artists deserve a fair, living wage for their work.I love the original (unpainted) finish of many pieces of furniture.

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I was able to hit an independent furniture store, a store that specializes in some of the higher end brands of furniture, Restoration Hardware.I hope by the end of this blog series it is easier for all of us to spot the good buys and avoid spending money on shoddy furniture, no matter its age.There are many things to consider when buying furniture.At Pottery Barn, I found a bedside table for 9.00.It comes in three finishes; black, antique white and mahogany stain. The in-store ‘special price’ was 79.00 and I found it on-line 29.10 to 99.00.According to the Arhaus website, mortise-and-tenon construction is used and it is made from tulipwood.The regular price is 99.00, although the day I am writing this, it is on sale for 49.00.I realized I had not been furniture shopping for new furniture in many years.It is probably more like a couple of decades, aside from a new sofa.The first part is a tutorial on how to determine the quality of a piece of furniture, whether it is new or old.There is a cheat-sheet you can download at the end.

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