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If it has the "unplayed" sound, it is harder to judge what it will eventually sound like.

Instruments can take anywhere from 1-10 years to really break in, depending on how often you play.

I would like some source to authenticate the year made for a Custom F-4 that I have for sale ( and for an A1 which I suspect in 1910-1919 Years ago Pickin magazine ran an article on Gibson mandolin serial numbers.

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I have owned nice Gibson for past 2 years and now trying to date it properly.The Gibson F-style mandolin has been perhaps the most influential of American mandolins, since Orville Gibson re-invented the mandolin in the closing days of the 19th century.This new Gibson F-9 Mandolin is one of the new and very welcome Gibson models; for quite some time following the floods in Nashville there was no Gibson mandolin production at all.The example shown here is 40514011, and the label dates it to May 14 2014.Pricing: ,399.00 Canadian with original hardshell case.Copyright © 1995, 1996 Dan Beimborn and Maxwell Mc Cullough This page was authored by Dan Beimborn and originally appeared on the Mandolin Pages web site, now revised as the Mandolin Archive, a vintage gibson mandolin guide.In the spring of 1997 Dan decided to liquidate the Mandolin Pages and distribute them in various locations on the More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins. Does anyone know an internet or source for serial numbers/year made for early Gibson Mandolins ? The most generally trustworthy vintage Gibsons fall into the 1900-1930 years, when the instrument was popular and many were produced. Get a general impression from the instrument how "played in" it is...If you are looking to purchase a vintage Gibson to use as a playing instrument, the first good thing to check (before even the price! a nearly unplayed instrument will sound somewhat quiet and muffled (not "Broken in"), where one that has had a lot of service may ring loudly with little effort at all.

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