Dating ideas in beaverton oregon

plus you can buy underwear there that says ‘the magic is in the hole,’ and that makes me laugh.

our favorite places include salt straw very fancy ice cream (their flavors will blow your mind in a good way).

or if you go there for lunch, any glass of wine is only …including this champagne that is usually i don’t even like champagne that much but i had to get it because i know a good deal when i see it. that’s what’s called “afternoon delight.” there are a ton of quirky bars all over portland and you really can’t go wrong.

one that sticks out is the totally vegan bar (which in no way means healthy) the bye and bye. this may be more of a group date thing (or not because serenading each other could be sexy fun or just hilarious, in our case) but you can affordably rent out your own private karaoke room at the voicebox in both NE and SE portland!

they also serve food and booze if you need a little extra motivation. for some reason, many of our dates involve going to get dessert and portland is the perfect place to indulge.

portland city grill has an excellent happy hour too (one of the best burgers) with an awesome view of the city (when it’s not gloomy out).

where we do even start with you for fun date ideas in portland, oregon?

i am glad amanda started this series because i don’t feel like i give enough love to city that i’ve called home for more than 5 years!

most people get dressed up in their favorite pair of parachute pants and vibrantly colored shirts.

i usually throw my hair up in a side pony, find bright pink lipstick and get crazy.

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