Dating paradise

Dean and Kristina can’t spoil the season, but the fact that they seem chummy bodes well that these two are still together, or that they’re at least good friends after a split.was announced, fans have been rooting hard for Raven to find love this season.Throughout the summer, Wells and Danielle have made cute cameos in each others' Instagram photos and Twitter feeds.The above Boomerang was tagged at Nashville Studios and posted on July 28 — which is after watch party in Nashville to benefit the Lwala Community Alliance — and Wells is scheduled to appear, as well as cast members Dean Unglert, Kristina Schulman, Derek Peth, and Taylor Nolan.

And after going on a not-so-great date with social media influencer Robby, fans were hoping that someone else would show up to sweep the southern beauty off her feet.

First of all, there's the fact that Adam just posted this adorable pic from their date on his Instagram: He even tagged her Insta handle in the pic.

Even if this isn't a concrete sign that the two are still together now, it definitely shows that they are still on good terms.

"She works extremely long hours giving babies a fighting chance at life," he wrote in the photo's caption. Oh, here's a pic of us drunk in a bathtub wearing our favorite hats."They've even matched outfits before, as evidenced by Danielle's Instagram post to celebrate Wells' birthday on May 16.

She posted a photo of herself and Wells wearing the same beanie hat, and flannel shirt.

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