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If you find yourself here once, you will dream of coming back to the ‘Rasputin’ gentlemen’s club again and again Address: Ekaterininskaya 2 Working hours: 20.00 - 6.00 Phone: 380(48)737-50-88 Address: 25 th Chapayev Division Street, 2 Phone: 38 (0482) 37-4059 Days: off- none Entrance: face-control X-Club is one of the few Odessa strip clubs where the show is on the verge of frankness and thus remains very aesthetic.

The X-club-designed interior establishments allows visitors to fully relax and unwind. Visitors to X-Club are offered plasma screens, great sound, light, a bar, and free parking.

Rather melodically developed are also certain kinds of weeping, making part of the wedding ritual and burial weepings.

They are very expressive as a result of blending ritual formulas with an individual improvisation of the performer (a woman, as a rule).

Having found yourself in a comfortable VIP-zone every guest can feel himself a big boss, and charismatic ‘office employees’ will dance for all those who wish an exciting striptease dance in a general hall or in private zones.

Address: Grecheskaya str 25, Odessa, Ukraine Working hours:21.00 - 6.00 Phone: (048) 788 78 38 A night gentlemen-club ‘Flirt’ is in the Marshall Govorov street and belongs to a famous network of striptease bars in Odessa.

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Following the prototypes of some folk instruments, not limited to authentically Russian ones only, a set of music instruments was partly restored and partly devised, able to perform complicated music compositions.All lovers of night entertainments are expected at the address: Bunina street, 24. In ‘Rasputin’ striptease club we turn everything into art – art of dance, art of seduction, art of rest.Watching beauty and movements of a woman’s body is a great pleasure for a spectator, no matter if it’s a man or a woman.Red and black colors of interior as well as a leopard interior design theme, velvet lining of sofas, cheerful music, dimmed light – all this creates a suitable atmosphere for looking at a graceful striptease.Visitors can privatize in a VIP-room with a dancer they like. Address: Ekaterininskaya str 32, Odessa, Ukraine Working hours: 22.00 - 6.00 Phone: 380 Do you want to feel real fire in your blood?The most complicated genre as to music is lyrical song and its highest type - drawling song - supposed to have formed in the 16th - 17th cc in Moscow Russia.It is associated with the appearance of the famous folk multivoiced singing of polyphonic or heterophonic types with participation of solo voices.Location: Ekaterinenskaya Street, 35 Phone: 38048 7856727 Days off: none Cuisine: European Entrance: dress-code, face-control Age of guests: 25 The music in Zazhigalka really ignites. (at your service foamy show - water show) If you liked the dancing girl, you can put some money in her panties.If you want to see a dance just for you (private - dance) then you can enjoy it in a private room.Those tribes were famous for their love and mastery of music, singing and dancing, according to Byzantium and German manuscripts.It is known, that in 591 Avars' khan sent Slavic singers and gusli players as ambassadors to Byzantium Emperor.

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