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Thus, folk singing traditions of the northern, western, southern and central regions, as well as settlements in basins of big rivers of Oka, Volga and Don, have their own distinct features.Majority of still alive folk songs have pagan roots bearing the impact of Christian rites.Having found yourself in a comfortable VIP-zone every guest can feel himself a big boss, and charismatic ‘office employees’ will dance for all those who wish an exciting striptease dance in a general hall or in private zones.Address: Grecheskaya str 25, Odessa, Ukraine Working hours:21.00 - 6.00 Phone: (048) 788 78 38 A night gentlemen-club ‘Flirt’ is in the Marshall Govorov street and belongs to a famous network of striptease bars in Odessa.Song Genres Russian folk songs and dances were formed in two cycles: one of them is associated with calendar rites (sowing, harvest, etc.), while the other has to do with family rituals (wedding, birth, burial, etc.). (') ) The epoch of Old Rus is characteristic of heroic ballads sensing the praises of noble princes and instrumental music (pipes, horns, tambourines and kettle-drums).Special place in song folklore belongs to calendar song cycle; it consists of smaller cycles definitely timed to seasons and pagan festivals (often overlaid with Christian holidays).Rather melodically developed are also certain kinds of weeping, making part of the wedding ritual and burial weepings.

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However, keep in mind that to get into the X-Club you must be at least 21 years of age, and there is a strict face control and dress code which excludes sportswear. Did it become hot Cool off in the shower with our dancer.

These songs are peculiar for strict regulation and rigidity of short tonal and rhythmic formulas in every cycle; they retain the oldest non-semi-tonal and narrow scales.

(') ) Authentic epic tradition has lived till date in the oral peasant folklore of the Russian North and with Don Cossacks.

Those tribes were famous for their love and mastery of music, singing and dancing, according to Byzantium and German manuscripts.

It is known, that in 591 Avars' khan sent Slavic singers and gusli players as ambassadors to Byzantium Emperor.

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