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Hypothermia and dehydration are two of the dangerous and all-too-common problems that might await hikers who aren't prepared. We donned our wind pants and warm coats, hats and gloves, and continued to the top.

It was the Fourth of July weekend, and we headed to the mountains, escaping Denver's 95 degree heat. There we found a hiker who had passed us on the trail earlier in the day.

Be sure to make your own way to and from your date, and don't be persuaded otherwise.

Here are a few basic "rules" to remember before heading up that mountain trail (even when hiking up peaks lower than 14,000 feet): 1. No matter how beautiful and warm the weather is when you start out, temperatures can plummet and you can get soaked if a thunderstorm moves in. Thunderstorms are extremely common in Colorado's mountains during summer afternoons.Copyright 2004 Caroline Mackenzie Caroline Mackenzie is Co-Owner/ Webmaster of The Dating Muse, a guide to online dating services and personals featuring reviews of the top online dating sites plus tips and ideas for finding friends, dates, soulmates and sexual adventure online.You can visit her site at and subscribe to her newsletter at Source: Have you caught the bug yet?However, when you've built up some trust online, and happen to share an interest in lonely country walks, say, a lonely country walk might seem like a great idea for a first date.Give yourself a severe reality check when arranging a first date.These tips are just a start to help you hike more safely in the mountains.Consider joining a hiking club before tackling higher peaks in Colorado.Meet when you're ready: Don't be pressured into meeting your online date.One of the big attractions of online dating is that you can find out the important stuff - be sure there's a real possibility for a relationship - up front, so take your time and make the most of it.Tell a friend or relative about your date: Make sure someone knows who you're meeting (their full name and phone number), when, where and at what time you expect to be back.Take your cell phone: If you don't have a cell phone, borrow one.

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