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We've young people who specialized in extremely specific routines to get what they want - an example is night club interaction to get drinks or to get sex.

Of course this influence on the individual made by work, media and economy has also influence on the whole societies, even on the criteria to elect their representatives and in the way they think that ruling is opportune.

A nation of federation for its own integrity and survival should never delegate its electoral processes to entities belonging to foreign countries.

A private company managing a public poll shows that the private business owns the political system, and that they can buy, sell, lease or outsource not only your citizens' data but also your political sovereignty.-Undermining authority.

Each action will have either the use of being a dose of hedonism and admiration without development (eg, the LAIK for receiving LAIK sake) or else it will be part of a synthetic strategy to extort advantage in a logic of tools, toys, compartments: sex from athlete, money from tycoon, affection from teddybear, dating from the famous etc.

The narcissist will dismiss as boring / difficult etc anyone of higher quality who expects a more reliable and more mature attitude with the goal of a more important human relation, where all things happen organically.

In the perspective of man-women dynamic, natural and traditional individual interact with the purpose to find someone for a relation; if online, they will be the ones to push for an encounter with the most promising candidate, after a reasonable, natural growth of interest, in which each action has a spontaneous, reciprocal purpose to escalate, and with the orientation to reach also sex as part of this interaction - because their biologic and healthy goal is a full-fledged relation, where one quality person is valued in his fullness (personal, physical, material).

An artificial narcissist who is searching exploitable admirers, instead, will not focus on the the high quality of anyone, but will look for quantity of easy instruments to use.

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  2. In fact, according to , of the women who reach sexual climax, "25 percent [...] achieve orgasm with penetrative sex and 75 percent need extra clitoral stimulation." That's why both men and women would do well to learn as much as possible about their and their partners' bodies and try to understand what makes them tick individually.