Football player online dating scandal

Online shadiness: The Only Acceptable Time to Make a Fake Online Dating Profile: To Fight Crime!(Don't Try This at Home Though)Dating Online: Get Ready to Meet the Fake Girlfriends! I rarely have a quiet time to myself because I always have somebody calling me, asking, 'Do you want to go to the movies?' Coach is always calling me asking me, 'Are you OK? ' "According to Deadspin, the only photos that have been found online that identified Kekua are actually pictures of another 22-year-old woman.But as a person who regularly engages in both social media and online dating, to say I'm confused and skeptical is an understatement.There are just so many red flags here that I can't believe one person, let alone an entire family, team, school, and media system didn't catch on sooner.

But at the end of the day, what matters is the people who are around you, and family.

And I think we can safely assume the phones of the guys from are straight up ringing off the hook (check out their tips for spotting online liars here). Do you think he was the victim of a hoax, or is there a bigger scandal going on here?

Have you ever had an online relationship with someone you hadn't met in person?

Te'o said he was told just six hours later that Kekua had lost her battle with leukemia.

After Notre Dame's 20-3 win over Michigan State on Sept.

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