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'It's really difficult to know that somebody's more into you than you are into them,' she says.'It makes you feel uncomfortable and not a nice person for not feeling the same.'There's almost a bit of guilt there of wanting to feel that way but equally not feeling it.'They meet with Coker again in the final episode, who tells them that any relationship - including one as unorthodox as their own - requires work in order to succeed.Of the thousands of people who applied to take part in the TV experiment, Harriet and Richard presented the strongest match according to the data experts used to assess compatibility.Ben flew to Portugal to seal a property deal, but avoided his wife's texts while there and even refused to tell her where he was staying.'Sometimes Stephanie is a little bit overpowering, a little bit insecure and a little bit smothering,' he says of his new bride.

After seven weeks of living together, both couples will have to tell the show's relationship experts whether they will stay married - or seek a divorce.However, just a few months later the couple were reported to have split. Rather unexpected and a bit sad but there you go.' Emma Rathbone and James Ord-Hume were the longest lasting couple of the first series of Married at First Sight - however, they too ended in divorce.Events organiser Emma, 32, and 33-year-old James, a university administrator split after nine months of marriage in December 2015.I had feelings for James, but we weren’t passionate about each other.’ Since then they have met once at an ‘awkward’ lunch, where they returned a few belongings they had left at each other’s flats.‘I don’t think either of us was really sure how to behave,’ says James.In a last ditch attempt to salvage things, Harriet and Richard plan a string of dates, from a romantic night at the theatre to a fun trip to an ice rink.Coker says: 'In all relationships it's very easy to give up when you hit an obstacle perhaps more so for these couples in one way because they don't know each other and they haven't got a history yet.'I think they are going to have to work hard to give each other that time and space, and learning from each other, learning to perhaps change the way they talk and how they interact.A team of experts – including psycho-sexual therapist and psychologist Jo Coker, biological anthropologist Dr Jake Dunn, registrar Cynthia Green, and clinical psychologist Martin Hald – work as a team to pair up people best suited to one another.In order to establish their varying personalities, likes and dislikes and morals candidates go through a series of hurdles so that they can be best placed.He revealed the couple never consummated the relationship and said: ‘It’s a very personal question but I’ll be straight with you, nothing happened.’While it is not possible to get a divorce within a year of marriage, if the union is not consummated, it can be annulled at any point after the wedding.Sam quit the show but eventually the pair met and fell for each other organically.

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