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In each room people are chatting about different subjects. The names in the right-hand column are people who are talking in the chat room.You enter the building, see a directory or listing of the discussions going on in each of the rooms, and select a room to visit. These names are referred to as "nicks", short for "nicknames".In effect this opens a personal channel just for the two of you if you want to talk more personally.You can either do this by right mouse clicking on their nickname and selecting "chat" or by selecting the "DCC" menu, choosing "Chat..." and then typing their nickname in the resulting dialogue box.

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Return to top In IRC each user is known by a "nickname", such as "smartgal" or "Fun Guy".But it has a good side too - no one can identify your race and age - it’s just people chatting with no prejudice about appearance.Return to top You can join a number of chat groups at once (some IRC clients do not support this feature).An anonymous reader writes "IRC is often portrayed by the media as a haven for illegal activity.The author of IRC Hacks set out to find whether or not this was true.Return to top Emoticons are cute, friendly, feel-good characters intended to convey a feeling or facial expression.In fact emoticons are often generically referred to as "smileys".This icon indicates that there is a sound clip describing the tutorial.Topics covered in this tutorial (click link to jump to topic): IRC stands for Internet Rely Chat and resembles a typed telephone conversation.There are no pictures or sound files like the Web - just text.Like e-mail, other people's messages appear on your screen - but it happens in real time while you are connected to the Internet.

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