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When texting a guy I know it is really frustrating when he doesn’t take the situation with as much severity.

To win, you need to show some self-restraint and understand that he may not consider messaging you as important as you do.

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This is a win/win because creating and maintaining this kind of attraction is exactly what he wants as well.

This is why I wrote the book below, to give you what you want as fast as possible!

You need to set the stage for the type of relationship you would like to have with him later.

If you are the one constantly texting him and showing need, this will continue into whatever relationship you create with him.

Look, it really isn’t that hard to control the situation over text, to really make a difference in the way he perceives you, to shift the balance in your favor.

(If you don’t like this advice take a second to really think about it, did it ever really work to chase him, ever?? Check out Text Appeal – the Ultimate Guide to messaging guys Getting EXACTLY what you want is easier than you think.

I am a guy that is 100% on your side, I don’t pull any punches not because I want to be right, but because I want you to get the guy!

Whatever, the case, if you’re feeling ignored by your girlfriend, chances are you’re also feeling hurt, frustrated, and maybe even angry.

It might be tempting to ignore her back, try to make her jealous, or even break up with her, but the healthiest way to deal with being ignored is to address it directly.

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