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If you’re “working late,” don’t be found downtown with friends. To avoid making more plans, explain that work is overwhelming at the moment and that you don’t think you’ll be in the right headspace for a nice evening out for a while. Be honest, gentle and direct: “I had a really great time last week. I’m afraid I thought I was ready to date again, but I now realized I’m not.

Apologize and don’t leave the person with too much hope. I’m so sorry, but I’m going to have to cancel on tomorrow’s dinner.” Even though it may be the most awkward way to back out of a date, the honest way is still the best one.

They were first spotted together at a concert in California, and then seen putting out PDAs at West Hollywood hotspot Catch L. “I’m very much single and not ready to mingle,” the former You Tube star said. “I’ve known Brooklyn for years, we’ve been really close and as we’ve gotten older — and I’m newly out of a relationship, we’re definitely like crushing on each other,” Beer admitted. We hang out every day with our whole group of friends in L. It’s something she calls “hard” to handle, even if she’s happy her friendship with Beckham gives her a chance to address the “double standard.” “A guy can be seen with 50 girls and not be said a word about him, and a girl is seen with one and it’s, ‘Oh my God she’s this, she’s that,’ ” Beer said. I try to be a voice for slut-shaming and body-shaming, because I go through that every day and try to make sure my fans know it’s never okay.” “You also have no idea what goes on behind closed doors,” she continued.

But according to Madison Beer, she and Brooklyn Beckham are just “friends” – who are “having fun right now.” The 18-year-old singer stopped by AOL’s Build Series on Thursday and said they aren’t dating – despite clear chemistry between them. But I’m very much single.” That “fun” means hanging out with Beckham, 18. He’s a cutie, literally one of my best friends.” “We’re seriously best friends. “People are like, ‘Oh no, you guys are definitely dating.’ But he’s moving to New York in two weeks — it’s not really realistic. We’re just having fun right now.” RELATED: Celeb Quotes of the Day: Miranda Lambert, Sarah Hyland & More While they may not be dating, Beer — who recently made headlines after a leaked recording emerged of her then-longtime boyfriend, musician Jack Gilinsky, allegedly verbally abusing her during a fight — understands why everyone thinks she and Beckham are “boyfriend and girlfriend” each time they’re spotted together. You guys are all attacking me when I’ve only had one boyfriend my entire life.’ …

I was pretty much glued to the dating sites from 2004-2006. So, I said: let’s go to a doughnut shop instead, they have tea and coffee there too, and anyway I don’t like these corporate monstrosities from Moscow that have flooded the market in St. How often do we panic and rack our brains to come up with ideas for where to go and what to do to make that all-important first date perfect? We’ve put together a list of sure-fire winning suggestions for your first date – you’re bound to find something you like here!

I met up with 25 girls: I kissed one of them, and I dated another one for six months. Her avatar picture on the dating site was pretty indistinct, but the conversations we had were interesting, and we decided to meet up.

Even if you don’t have a specific event that’s conflicting with your date, feeling overwhelmed by a full schedule can still be reason enough to back out of a date. Subsequently, this excuse works best when you’re legitimately under the weather and/or are willing to spend the night on your couch as if you were. There are obviously boys that I can crush on and stuff.“There’s so many boys who people idolize where it’s like, if you only knew what was went on, you’d probably be like ‘Whoa.’ But don’t attack a girl just cause you see one photo of her and a guy in public and then you have no idea what this person is doing behind closed doors with this person.” And as for those “closed doors,” Beer admitted she could easily keep her friendship with Beckham behind them.But that it’s true to who she wants to be as an entertainer. “We’re all very close and I don’t feel like I have to hide anything from them.Me and Brooklyn could very easily go through the back of places and we can do whatever. ” “I think I’m allowed to live my life and have fun and do as I please,” she said.(“She was there for me when I went through something similar and I just can’t abandon her right now.”) Maybe you need to step up as a last-minute babysitter for your nieces and nephews.Maybe your old college roommate is making a surprise visit.Let your excuse indicate that you’re a giving selfless person, and that going on a nice date would be a selfish choice on this particular evening. Most people can be sympathetic to crazy-busy work environments and looming deadlines.Use the “My hands are tied, I just can’t get away from the office” excuse only if you’re sure you can stretch your day’s work into the evening. Maybe you just feel uncomfortable with the idea of going on another date. Most places will rent you a tube per person for a small fee, plus a cooler that you can pack with beer and food, and drop you at the top of a river.You and your couple friends can slowly float downstream while enjoying cold ones in a gorgeous setting.

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