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Are you taking this hot topic in order to be able to bring along the show’s main subject of older women and their life experiences, in an industry that is notoriously misogynistic and ageist?

KAUFFMAN: If I was doing that it was certainly not a conscious choice.

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This is place to be, because we don’t have to worry about development hell — and we’ll have 30 minutes [per episode]. As a producer I sit here and think, “I can’t make any mistakes in the first one.” There is no chance to look it over and make other choices. They’re looking at longevity: Are people going to be coming to it later. ” And it actually feels like a more honest way to measure success. You learn who’s better to shoot early in the day, who’s better in first takes, who’s better in later takes, who gets tired, and also you develop a shorthand with your crew. Because we have actors of a certain age and certain stature, we don’t do brutal days. Is it critical to this show’s viewing experience to binge watch? You could binge watch if you want and we gave it little pauses, little breaks in the arcs so can feel, “Oh, I watched three” and walk away feeling satisfied and, “I’m good.” And the third option is for those who can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s a wonderful — almost like writing little plays each week.

DEADLINE: Netflix issuing no numbers by which to gauge success is a very sore point with reporters who cover television, who like to write next-morning reports giving a show a thumbs up or down based on the stats. KAUFFMAN: We don’t have access to any of that data but the more I work with them the more I’m beginning to see answers to specific questions must come from that data. One thing they are constantly saying is that it is our vision, not theirs… They guide us with a strong hand, especially with casting. Or, is it like binge drinking — something journalists want to write about having done because they think it will make them look 10 years younger? And you get to do it live, and it’s incredibly exciting to do. It’s feeling really tired and someone need to reinvent.

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Our team’s expert and vast knowledge of the residential and commercial St.” And my hope is that it’s not the dark and cynical version, but more the aspirational, that you can do amazing things at any age – you can start over at any age.And I know [gay marriage] is a very hot topic, but we explored it in our way on KAUFFMAN: When you have Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, you attract some very, very wonderful actors.You’ll love our award winning restaurant and bar, Rum Runners, and the variety of activities offered right from our doorstep: sailing, fishing, snorkeling, sightseeing, shopping, and more.Caravelle Hotel & Casino is the perfect setting for weddings and honeymoons, groups, family reunions, and business travelers.They don’t treat it like some actors have treated television in the past. They work well together and respect each other’s process. And if there were these women in it, my guess is, because you only get those 20 minutes, they’re going to be broader stories, you’re never going to get into what it is to be women of that age. But there are other ways to measure success as a producer, and it’s a more exciting way, which is, “Am I proud of it?KAUFFMAN: When one has the opportunity to work and go do 13 episodes and not spend two years in development hell — the idea of going straight to 13 allowed us to conceive this as a series, not just as a pilot. KAUFFMAN: Aside from metrics, one of the hardest things about doing a show at a place like Netflix is the same thing that’s great about it: going straight to 13. In terms of the metrics, we’re told by Netflix they honestly don’t care about what the first day [audience size] is. Will my peers think this is a good half hour of television? Some is discovery…within the first couple episodes you get it. — focused on whether episodes should be watched all at once, or weekly. Croix's original Christiansted Harbor Cam, with streaming images in hi-def, updated all day and night. Croix is a full service vacation rental and property management company.Visit our website for a complete listing, or send us an email and we’ll help you pick out the perfect home away from home! The newly renovated Caravelle Hotel & Casino’s location is in the center of everything Christiansted has to offer.The 13-episode series also reunites Tomlin with her , which she co-created with David Crane.So successful was the series it created hair styles, caused runs on pet monkeys, and popularized coffee shops as examination rooms for the self-absorbed.

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