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Leonardo's awareness of his mother's Jewish ethnicity would be another factor in the explanation of the iconoclasm expressed surreptitiously through his art, as Father Franco Bontempi pointed out in HHF Newsletter74.

In light of Professor Bruschi's revelations about the circumstances of Leonardo's birth it is timely to review and update the research by "Don Franco." Don Franco's thesis was that Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), a rationalist at heart, turned from Christian dogma during the latter part of his life.

His recently published , that is: a son of free love [that is, "of hot blood! Bruschi states that therefore, the phrase of the sixteenth century biographer has to be more accurately translated: "Leonardo is the legitimate son of Piero [da Vinci] because the father recognized him by giving him his name, but he was nonetheless illegitimate, that is, a bastard, because he was born of a mother not married to his father." Bruschi cites other examples of the use of this and similar designations about inhabitants of the region.

In a register of marriages in Vinci between 15, probably that of Piero da Vinci's descendants, a short list of associated names appears, including Caterina, Antonio, Lucrezia, Lorenzo and Leonardo.

To flaunt such views publicly would be to invite the tortures so exquisitely applied by the Inquisitors.

Arius then wrote a theological work in verse and prose, Thaleia, a few fragments of which have survived obliteration by the church.

Leonardo expressed his disenchantment through subtle, progressive changes in the subjects of his paintings.

Secondly, in the gradual process of detaching his works from Christian credo, Leonardo reached toward the "Old Testament," to the Judaic concept of free will, and to humanist precepts which were roiling under the surface of church-dominated society.

The man who employs coitus with force and uneasiness, produces children wrathful and questionable.

But if coitus is performed with great passion and great eagerness by both parties, then the son will become of great intellect and witty and vivacious and loving.'" It is well known that Leonardo was born two months after Piero da Vinci took a proper Tuscan bride, and that he was afforded Piero's name and home.

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