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* When I graduated from high school, I went to Queens College where I studied English Literature with a minor in Education.

I was still living at home, but often I had a big gap between my classes, so I used to hang out in the student gathering building.

I worked in a head shop – it sold paraphernalia for smoking pot and Day Glo posters. Then I got a job applying fake tattoos – the ones that just required a damp cloth.

And I worked for a costume store called Royal Rags.

My mother’s family were Episcopalians who were originally from England, and they’d been in the country since around 1710.

❤️ you @tallblock_sfv.'Barker and Moakler - who have two children together - were both arrested in Los Angeles before the holidays for threatening to kill each other, TMZ reported.

The arrest only became known after paper work was released in January.

They sent me out every weekend dressed in a harem outfit to drum up business, and so I’d go to Washington Square Park and hand out flyers about the store.

I’d taken drugs a few times, but I really didn’t start in earnest until I was in my late teens. I experimented with cocaine, mescaline, you name it.

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