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Juliet Graham recently talked to The Rialto Report’s Ashley West.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ I was born Bonnie Schiffer in Manhattan, and raised in Fresh Meadows, Queens before we moved to nearby Jamaica Estates.

They sent me out every weekend dressed in a harem outfit to drum up business, and so I’d go to Washington Square Park and hand out flyers about the store.

I’d taken drugs a few times, but I really didn’t start in earnest until I was in my late teens. I experimented with cocaine, mescaline, you name it.

At the time, I found it strange: I was still the same person, so why was I suddenly in demand?Juliet Graham‘s time in adult films was short but memorable.A statuesque blonde, she appeared in notable films like ‘The Story of Joanna‘ (1975), ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ (1976), and the elusive ‘The Ganja Express‘ (1978) – and dated two early industry regulars, Jamie Gillis and Ashley Moore.* When I graduated from high school, I went to Queens College where I studied English Literature with a minor in Education.I was still living at home, but often I had a big gap between my classes, so I used to hang out in the student gathering building.Overnight I started to be invited to join all the sororities, and to go to all kinds of parties. I was pretty suspicious of suddenly being flavor of the month.I figured it could disappear as fast as it came on, but I decided to enjoy it while it lasted. After a while, we couldn’t entrust her to be near the stove. I wasn’t living at home by that stage, but I visited often enough to see the worst of it.Plus there was nobody I really wanted to see at the prom. My father took care of her for over 15 years at home.Then he developed prostate cancer, perhaps from the stress and strains of being a caregiver because it was so draining for him.I didn’t particularly want to be a hippy, rotting my brain to the point where I wasn’t going to come back, and I didn’t want to wear filthy clothes either.But overall I liked it and I got a variety of jobs there.

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