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One of the most important emotional skills is the skill of validation.

Whether it is or ever will be part of the academic or corporate measures of emotional intelligence, I really don't know.

"What made me stop and think was what a good heart he has. She said she saw how Arroyo was with his friends and realized as she got to know him that "he was more shy than suplado." She said Arroyo made his intentions clear even as his own marriage with Aleli Arroyo was crumbling.

Ibuna denied that their relationship led Arroyo to drink heavily.

Validation allows a person to release their feelings in a healthy, safe and supportive way.

Thus it builds bonds of caring, support, acceptance, understanding and trust.

Her first query was “What are your thoughts on infidelity?

She said Arroyo wanted to help his election rival find a job.

Garie is the daughter of veteran actor Gabby Concepcion with former wife Grace Ibuna.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, Pangilinan did not hesitate to reveal the real score between him and the singer, whom he considers as his inspiration. According to Pangilinan, having a girlfriend does not hinder him from providing support for his baby.

” To which Concepcion answered, “A series of events that creates the kind of environment that would make husbands look elsewhere. Communication breakdown.” Concepcion used to be married to movie star Sharon Cuneta (their daughter is KC Concepcion) and former model Jenny Syquia (their daughter is Cloie Syquia Skarne, who was legally adopted by Syquia’s Swedish husband).

Concepcion also has a daughter (Garie Concepcion) with former partner Grace Ibuna.

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