Have josh radnor and cobie smulders dating

BE: Actually, I was wondering: Joss, of course, recently made his announcement that Cobie ) Oh, my God!

BE: Ya’ll have great chemistry…which I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times…but it kinda sucks that it was set up from day one that Ted doesn’t end up with Robin.

The network, in their defense, has been really great about this show, in terms of letting us do what we want, and they haven’t tried to…all the kind of weirdness that we were talking about, they haven’t tried to tone that down.

The whole series is essentially a mystery: who’s he going to end up with?

I always got uncomfortable when there were no women around.

Mc Gee's even has a special list of How I Met Your Mother inspired cocktails, including The Naked Man, The Pineapple Incident, and Robin Sparkles.

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  1. In fact, it’s much more likely that they were colleagues thrown into a crazy situation together and trying to make the best of it, and offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if they just sucked it up and played ball with creating a showmance.