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Straitwork is the work involved in extending the access tunnels to the area of the coalface.Fatal Colliery Explosion at Low Laithes - December 3rd 1859 Smithson's colliery had a low fatality rate, although in 1859 when the Low Laithes colliery business had been bought by Benjamin Roberts, there was a fatal accident at Bull Pit and this was recorded as follows: "Mr.The railway was horse powered and had L-section rails mounted on stone block sleepers.There was a parallel railway covering almost the same route to collieries (also confusingly called 'New Park Colliery') owned by Smithson's arch rival and Yorkshire coal-king, William Fenton.In 1818, Robert Smithson's farm and malt business (valued then at £8,906) was bequeathed to his son, also Robert.A three-quarter share in Smithson's collieries and tramway (and the debts due to them) was passed to Smithson's youngest son Joshua Smithson (1791-1867) who continued with the coal business under difficult circumstances until he failed financially in 1850.

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Benjamin Roberts, under the direction of John Noble, the steward.

By 1823, this had risen to eighteen at Gawthorpe and seven at Paleside.

In 1833, there was a prolonged strike at Smithson's colliery in Ossett.

During the early years, the relatively small numbers of colliers working in Smithson's pits can be illustrated in the case of Ossett-cum-Gawthorpe by the use of the poor rate assessments as a basis for rating of the number of colliery face workers.

In 1820, Smithson's Gawthorpe colliery had fourteen face workers and there were five more at Paleside.

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