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In the books he put out on his 2.13.61 label, Rollins' anecdotes about women are generally confined to the nameless one that damaged him early on, ruining him for love entirely or casual sexual encounters with nameless women.Then there are the anecdotes about Hank throwing tantrums when women change their minds about sleeping with him, causing him to seek retribution by jerking off all over one woman’s doorway.

But it was her 2003 opposition to the Iraq War that converted Garofalo into a high-profile target for right-wing nut jobs nationwide. You suffered unimaginable right-wing abuse and death-threats in 2003. But then I realized A) I’m not being me, B) I was unemployed, and C) a very good friend of mine is on it, Mary Lynn Rajskub. There’s only one or two right wingers in the whole show, in the writer’s room.

So it sounds like your relationship was closer to the playful back and forth banter of Patricia Heaton and Peter Boyle on the Everybody Loves Raymond set and less of a Nancy Kulp / Buddy Ebsen antagonism where you eventually run for political office and he takes out ads against you. I didn’t want to make a scene out of it and not even go meet them in front of people.

When somebody came to me privately and said ‘do you want to meet them’, I said absolutely not. That would be ridiculous to think that she knew who I was.

This damning video pretty much says it all: Looking back, it seems baffling that I would be attracted to such a misogynist, but at the time, but it also spoke to my own issues with women.

Most of my youth was spent as a baseball card collecting tomboy who preferred the company of boys to girls.

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