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Worryingly, though, 62 per cent said this single attribute is the one most often found missing in students.The general view among admissions officers is that students should have a secure understanding of the demands of their chosen course to thrive at university, something a massive 98 per cent of respondents cited as being “important or very important.” Thirty-two per cent, though, believed this knowledge to be missing in students.Kindergarten typically lasts for 3 forms – "small group" (grupa mică) for children aged 3–4, "middle group" (grupa mijlocie), for children aged 4–5, and "big group" (grupa mare) for children aged 5–6.The "preparatory school year" (clasa pregătitoare) is for children aged 6–7, and since it became compulsory in 2012, it usually takes place at school.The Romanian literacy campaigns started in 1948 largely eradicated illiteracy in the 1950s.The education system of Romania resembles the French education system.The preparatory school year is a requirement in order to enter the first grade, being part of the primary education stage, according to Article 23 of the Education law no 1/2011 (Legea Educației Naționale nr.1/2011).

According to an annual admissions survey which launched at an HE advisors’ conference in London this week, all respondents unanimously agreed that students must ensure they are “ready to think and learn independently” when asked how students could be better prepared to thrive while successfully complete their degree.

During the 1990-2003 period, there was very little concern for education in Romania, and the generation who studied in this period is quite poorly trained, with illiteracy being higher than the pervious generation, especially among the Roma population in rural areas.

This law came into force after years of political debate regarding not only the number of years in compulsory education, but also how they should be structured.

Jeremy Lewis, head of the private ACS Egham school, questioned why so many students starting university are unprepared for the level of learning.

He said: “Our study shows, quite clearly, many of our exam systems are just not preparing students to make that leap from secondary to HE.

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