Htc updating phonebook with facebook

A full-blown app launcher is also available by swiping to the left.When you access the Facebook messages via the lockscreen shortcut, you have the option to activate the much talked about chat head functionality.The app launcher shows the most commonly used applications.A strip at the top has shortcuts for updating your Facebook status, uploading a photo, and checking-in places.There's also a shortcut next to the tabs, for quick access to the Google Play Store.

This is especially useful on a homescreen filled with widgets.Also, if you drag one widget on top of the other, it will make space for itself by forcing the icons underneath to rearrange.To resize a widget, you tap and hold on it and then release it.With Facebook Home switched off, the HTC First offers plain vanilla Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.Despite not being the latest version of the OS, Android 4.1.2 still offers the most important Jelly Bean goodies, including Google Now and Project Butter.Four handles will appear on its sides, allowing you to change the widget's size in the direction you want.Folders are created much in the same way as in the shortcut dock; you simply drag one shortcut on top of another.The docked apps tray allows up to four shortcuts to be placed within this dock, surrounding the app drawer shortcut in the middle.Any of the shortcuts can be customized by dragging icons into and out of the tray, and you can even create folders by dragging icons on top of one another.A permanent fixture is the Google Search bar at the top of the screen, which stays in place as you scroll the homescreen panes.The notification area features a redesigned clock and date icons in the top left, followed by a larger Settings icon.

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