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She shows me pictures on her i Phone of him and his golden-haired half-brother, Homer, nine, from her five-year marriage to Laffoon. ’ Nobody could accuse Heche of having a romantic 'type’: she dated the comedian Steve Martin, who is 24 years her senior, and the Fleetwood Mac singer Lindsey Buckingham, then 43, when she was in her early twenties. We all pooled our money in an envelope in a drawer and saved up enough to move out after a year.’ It was the actress’s 12th house move in as many years.Laffoon, on the other hand, is five years younger than her. 'I found heaven on that stage,’ she says, playing with a wisp of blonde hair that’s escaped from beneath a grey pork pie hat.

Not since the British arrived with torches in 1814 have out-of-towners brought such heat to a White House-related function. I thought this was all for you,” Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan joked to his new bride, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell, as photographers, who had lenses only for De Generes, 39, and Heche, 27, jockeyed for position.She questioned her mother’s inability to stop, or even acknowledge, the abuse she suffered and described how, when she finally called her mother to confront her almost three decades later, Nancy hung up the phone with the words, 'Jesus loves you, Anne.’ Today Nancy offers Christian counselling that purportedly 'cures’ homosexuals. 'We are still estranged, yes,’ she says without trace of sorrow. I’m OK with my mother living her life the way she wants to live it, and I’m OK with her not participating in my life the way I want to live it. 'But I got on the phone and said, “Send me the ticket. ” I did my time with my mom in a one-bedroom, skanky apartment and I was done.’ Oddly enough Heche has found herself cautiously exploring Christianity again.'Love to me is an action, it’s the way you behave, and that’s how you show it. She recently went to church for the first time in almost 25 years.'Its not often you get to be one of the guys in a comedy. 'Where else do you meet people except in your workplace? I mean, that’s been way out there for years.’ Heche grew up in the sleepy town of Aurora, Ohio, the baby in a family of five.’ she says today in the Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood. Her first professional gig was in a dinner theatre production of The Music Man at the age of 12.'I want my family to have food on the table,’ she says. As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.'I’ve always worked hard.’ Despite her difficulties, Heche is radiant. 'I took him to a church with a rock band where everyone sings and throws their arms around each other. Live your life and create the world you want to have here.I wanted him to feel it.’ Does she believe in the Bible’s definitions of heaven and hell? If you want to live in hell, there’s a lot of ways to make that happen.We’ve both put our stuff behind us.’ The same cannot be said of her mother, Nancy, now 74, with whom she doubts she will ever repair relations. That was kind of my theory as I struggled and fought to put everything behind me – that you can move on – and now it’s true.’ Her strength of character is extraordinary. She was just 16 when she was offered a part in a daytime soap opera, but her mother insisted she complete high school.Heche chronicled her nightmarish childhood in graphic detail in her 2001 memoir, Call Me Crazy. Eighteen months later she was offered another soap. My mother was very religious and maybe she thought it was a sinner’s world.

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