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Bad Mouth: What do you like about coming to these shows?

Aria Giovanni: I think, not only do you make good money — we are motivated by the bottom line — but also the fact that it gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of my fans …

It’s good, because when a fan meets you in person, it solidifies them as a fan.

They get to see that you’re a real person, that you’re nice, you’re having a good time, you’re not a bitch, you know what I mean?

You started just modeling a bit to pay for college, and that’s nothing like being a small empire and building yourself as a brand.

Aria Giovanni: It took a lot of working for other people for the day, being hired that day for a shoot, to be able to build a brand name and be able to have enough money to launch a Web site and run a Web site. You have to keep your name out there and you have to work for other people. say you’re shooting photos for a mainstream magazine, that would be for promotion, because it’s hard to hit the mainstream media.

Bad Mouth: To start with, what’s the best thing about your career? Definitely, the freedom of being your own boss and deciding what you do and don’t do.

She’s done a series of soft-core videos with Andrew Blake, the kind that feature no sex, generally no men, and are more a centerfold in motion than the crude in-and-out of a typical “porn video.” She’s most often described as “exotic,” a convenient label for an unapologetically curvy Mediterranean beauty.centerfold and more like your girlfriend’s cutest buddy.Her table bleeds color through the gray backdrop of row upon row of black and white original art in Artists’ Alley — with row upon row of full-color eight-by-ten nudes so glossy they might be wet.They attach a personality to your persona, so it really makes it that much better for them.And you’re thinking, from a business standpoint, they’re more likely to spend money on you.If you ever need to explain how you know who Aria Giovanni is, you can say you read about her here, on a nice clean site like Badmouth, where we dove into the business of erotic modeling.After some amateur work originally intended merely to help fund college, the San Diego woman managed to end up on the cover — and smack in the center — of the November 2000 issue of magazine.Bad Mouth: When did you start to realize you’re not just a model, you’re going to be running a business?Aria Giovanni: I think about six months into it, I got on the cover of Penthouse, and then I made my decision not to go to college, and to pursue modeling.You still have to meet your fans, and it’s very important.So it’s not something where, ah, it’s so noticeable of a change (in Web traffic or sales), but it’s important, because if one person thinks you’re a bitch, he’s going to go on the message boards.

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