Jewish and america american dating

Under frequent enemy fire in field hospitals, evacuation hospitals, hospital trains, hospital ships and medical transport planes, military nurses in wartime are faced with daily situations of grave danger.Military nurses are involved in a broad range of activities.It was not until 1992, however, that the late Rabbi Chana Timoner was appointed the first full time active duty female chaplain in the United States military.Rabbi Sarah Schechter is the first, and currently only, female rabbi chaplain serving in the Air Force.

Today, women are involved in all aspects of the military, from nursing to combat: In the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, women often fought disguised as men.

By the spring of 1943, many WAAC training facilities were sitting idle.

In July1943, President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the establishment of the Women's Army Corps with full military status.

All branches of the armed forces conducted massive publicity campaigns urging womne to volunteer and "Free a Man to Fight." In addition, the Army and Navy Nurses Corps heavily recruited civilian nurses to meet their own expanding needs.

In all of America's wars, nurses have worked near the front lines of battle.

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