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Our son Diogo is able to be independent — it’s so cool to watch him tool around in the woods at such a young age. I also spent a funny weird year traveling with my best girlfriend, before moving back here six years ago. My friend and I had both been working, but didn’t know what we wanted to do with our lives. We went to California, where we worked on a farm and saved up some money. We were both young and single, so even though we were in a tent, we still wanted to go out and look good.

He has great balance already, probably from all that exploring. Eventually, we used that money to fly to Hawaii, where lived in a tent on the beach for six months and got landscaping jobs. We were both into natural beauty, so we basically had the tent filled with coconut oil. We also were inspired by Born to Run, which we would read out loud to each other in our tent. Yes, last winter, our family drove to California and back with our dog.

I’ve been watching lots of contouring videos on Instagram. I add a few drops of essential oil, usually lavender or rose, and apply the mixture with a big fat brush. People always tell me I smell like cedar, which is nice.Julie O’Rourke lives on a tiny island in Maine with her partner, Anthony; toddler, Diogo; and dog, Violet.The owner of Rudy Jude, a children’s clothing line, she has a playful sense of humor that complements her laid-back beauty.Many things feel drastic while they’re happening, but end up not being so crazy in hindsight.Like many moms, I cut my hair after I had Diogo so he wouldn’t pull it. When summer camp came along, I worked up the courage to ask her if I could shave again. She came from a family where her mom wouldn’t even let her wear clear nail polish.The whole family uses it, it works for so many things. When we’re having a seasonal shift, my face goes from looking tan and glow-y to pale and wintery.It has rose geranium in it, so in the summer it works as an insect repellent. At that point, I’ll take things up a notch and wear foundation, bronzer and some mascara.Instagram suggests video feeds they think you would like — mine right now are “natural beauty,” “goth style,” “cake decorating” and “trampolines.” I wouldn’t have picked them myself, but it turns out in the sleepless hours of early parenting, these are exactly my interests. I wish I could say I use my new beauty skills on nights out, but really I just put on Grande brow gel. We do live in a cedar house, but I think it’s more from the mixture of scents I wear.I use a little perfume called Maison Louis Marie No. Then the Everyday Oil has a bit of an earthy palo santo scent. What’s the most drastic thing you’ve ever done with your overall look?The book was about the Tarahumara people in Mexico, who would eat chia seeds before they went on these really long barefoot runs. Diogo was only seven months when we left, but it went surprisingly well!So, every morning, we would take a cup of water, add the seeds and a little bit of lime juice, mix it with our fingers and chug. We’re also planning a short road trip around Portugal this fall.

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