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But for some reason, over the course of dinner, he became a little cold and distant. Lauren Frances also hosts “Man Magnet Radio” on Karma Air. He made reservations, picked me up, and took me to a fabulous restaurant. Romantic Rule: Always stay sober enough to remember how naughty you were the night before! All these rules are explained fully by clicking this link.

"Really take your time with everything, from picking out clothes to thinking about questions you want answers to," he says.

That's less than per video and also knowing that a portion of this will go to support Pro Mujer, an agency that helps women in developing countries create business to support their families and get out of poverty.

I’d love to invite you to MAGNETIZE YOUR LOVE LIFE with my gal pal, master Love & Relationships Expert, Lauren Frances, for an evening Workshop for Women Only!

The Dating Tip Sheet, will give you the Do's & Don'ts of dating.

First and second dates are full of hopeful expectations, but also rife with pitfalls.

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