Liquidating of jewish ghettos

No one knows now where his original notebooks are, or what happened to them. But fortunately they were preserved on glass plates, and I was the first person to study them.For example, I read for the first time Goebbels’ hand-written entry about the Reichstag fire.One begins to suspect that somebody knew they were sitting on a real treasure, and they weren’t going to release it.By holding back the good stuff, they were acting in an almost capitalistic manner.On the last day, the secretary of the director came out to me and said: “Mr.Irving, I’ve got a very embarrassing question to ask of you.14–25.] I can’t tell you just who tipped me off about this, as it would breach confidentiality, but there are certain German historians who are friendly to me, and one of them tipped me that the material was just waiting to be found by someone.I went to Moscow and got this material – to the unbounded rage of rival historians around the world, who couldn’t believe that I, the “incorrigible,” “neo-Nazi,” “Fascist-scum” historian, had got the stuff for which they had been looking for 50 years.

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” Now, this is something that a historian just doesn’t do. I did, however, have an arrangement with the director, who permitted me to remove certain glass plates from the archives for copying because they didn’t have the requisite facilities there. He allowed me to remove these glass plates on my honor, and bring them back after having made the necessary photographic prints.

[Edited by Louis Lochner, it was published in 1948.] The National Archives in Washington acquired a sheaf of diary pages from August 1941.

The French somehow got April 1943, and the Hoover library obtained six diary pages from July 1944.

In the end, I didn’t pay one bent nickel for this material.

Visiting Moscow in June 1992, I simply reminded the head of the Soviet state archives that over the years three or four of my books had been published in the former Soviet Union, and he just let me have the material, assuming, I suppose, that I was therefore kosher.

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