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But these gains are not shared equally among China’s provinces, some of which have health records similar to many developing countries, while others resemble the United States or Western Europe.

The study reveals that declines in the child mortality rate have been much faster than expected, even after gains in GDP and improvements in education are taken into account.

Between 19, the mortality rate for Chinese children under 5 decreased by 70%, easily outpacing the Millennium Development Goal target of reducing child mortality by two-thirds between 19.

Video hosting services can be classified into several categories, among them: user-generated video sharing websites, video sharing platform / white label providers and web-based video editing.

Websites that are solely search engines and do not host their video content (such as Singingfish) are not included.

According to Professor Jun Zhu from the National Office for Maternal and Child Health Surveillance of China, one of the study’s lead authors, “China has made remarkable progress in driving down the rates of mortality in children under 5 over the past three decades, but further improvements can be made.

We need to focus efforts on those areas where mortality rates for children under 5 remain unacceptably high, redoubling efforts and applying the lessons of the most successful regions.” Another study published at the same time, “Cause-specific mortality for 240 causes in China during 1990–2013: a systematic subnational analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013,” is the first attempt to analyze life expectancy and causes of death on the province level in China.

All the babies were aged between two and eight weeks and were otherwise healthy.

Child mortality has fallen dramatically even among China’s minority groups, despite the fact that these groups are usually the hardest to reach.

In Huangpu District in Shanghai, which had the lowest child mortality rate in 2012, there were only 3.3 deaths per 1,000 livebirths. In all, 2,506 Chinese counties are on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goal target by 2015.

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In the Chinese language, the name for the giant panda translates into “large bear cat.” It’s thought that the Chinese gave Pandas this name because of the animal’s ability to climb trees, and for the slits found in its pupils, which are very similar to those of a cat.

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