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I did not find love online, as my first date with Aaron was also my last.Luckily, he was not a cynical guy breathing fiery opinions all over the bar.In those cases, discussion is often fueled by authentic and spontaneous questions, even if the questioning is mostly to ensure we avoid the dark swirly fog of a looming awkward silence.On my Hater date, it was easy to fall back on the app’s cards to ignite conversation.But maybe that was because my hopes for meeting a partner online were jaded by my romantic history, which I can only describe as a clown car teeming with an endless cavalcade of lemons.So, I warmed up to the universal applicability of a genuine connection through mutual hate.

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In the online world of curated profile pictures and repetitive personal descriptors, something about Hater felt refreshingly honest and true to human connection, and I was ready for a test run.

On a grander scale, the notion of bonding through disdain has been a fundamental cornerstone for cementing relationships throughout history, and almost all variations have been mirrored by protagonists in our popular culture.

because the entire female population at her high school found a common enemy in Regina George.

So while I immediately wanted to inform my suitor that it was too early for me to tell whether I hated him or not, I chose to lean into our shared dislikes, and asked him out instead.

According to 29-year-old Hater founder Brendan Alper, the basis for connection on his app was rooted in two of the most basic principles of dating: sharing opinions and physical attraction.

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