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In many instances, these policies are very helpful moving key human assets where they are most needed, which in turn decreases recruiting and development expenses at the end location. Please quit initiating the nonsense that feeds the frenzy of ill informed people working themselves up about things they understand very little about.

But while the PMG was granted a 39% raise last year, he dares to suggest that we need to cut a delivery day and freeze salaries, why? Here's just a couple of other minor atrocities for you, The USPS is in the process of spending 10 billion dollars on automated flat sorting machines FSS.Postmaster General John Potter should be mase to resign The postal service is losing money every day.Why should tax payers pay for a postmaster to move much less buy his house 2.8 million of our tax dollars. IS ENOUGH Hope CNN post more articles on Postmaster General John Potter he needs investigating What absolutely ludicious salary is the postmaster getting.Not such a bad thing on the surface, but if you dig deeper you can find what the PFP scorecard is based on for the Postal Service supervisors.For instance, supervisors get high scores for cutting back hours of window clerks, so naturally they purposely under staff the position.Despite all of this, it wasn’t until last week that the Postal Service said it would set a new limit on how much it would spend on houses purchased in its relocation packages. In one case, the USPS paid .8 million for a home.If you compare this home purchase policy with those of various government agencies, you can see just how generous it really is.There is one manager for every 9 workers in the USPS compared to UPS who has a one to 20 ratio.Everyone of those high ranking employees is on a postal bonus system called PFP (pay for performance).The people who live in homes like this pay enormous (in fact disproportionate) amount of taxes.They also can be the difference between large organizations running smoothly or not.

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  2. They also said he bragged he could stop running the engine department engines by "pulsating" electricity within his body. He has a child that is dying or needs surgery or some other medical emergency and he needs the money to pay for it.