Mcafee 8 7 not updating

No Web browser or any other program can control the firewall.

If it could, that would completely bypass the security of the firewall.

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The following instructions are from the AVG 8.0 Technical FAQ: Editing or deleting current rule See also Configuring CA Internet Security Suite (Firefox Support) For CA Internet Security 2007-2008, see the instructions for CA Personal Firewall, below.If you don't need this fine grained control rather than pressing the parent browse button select "skip parent check" to make it use one rule (and avoid specifying who can launch it).If it already has multiple rules selecting "skip parent check" in any of those rules should automatically delete the other Thunderbird rules.The following instructions are from the CA support article, CA Personal Firewall blocks applications and apply to CA Personal Firewall 2007-2008 (the linked article includes screen shots).As of October 2008, Comodo Firewall is available as part of Comodo Internet Security, which also includes an antivirus component.For example, Comodo doesn't have just one rule for Thunderbird, it creates rules that also specify what application launched Thunderbird.This can include one for Windows Explorer, Firefox, and even Thunderbird launching itself when it upgrades.This article provides general information about software firewalls as well as information about specific firewall programs.For information about other security programs, including antivirus programs, that can can block internet access or cause other connection issues, see Error loading websites.If you need more help, see Configuring Comodo Firewall Pro (Firefox Support) or visit Comodo Support.Network Security Policy", as shown in this Comodo forum topic.

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