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The rule at her mixers is the same one she preaches in life: Everything in moderation.

“If you use cannabis in a way that it does kind of suck the motivation and drive and ambition out of you, then that’s never a good thing,” she said.

Reality dating shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Millionaire Matchmaker” have made it a familiar scene: Attractive singles gather in a chic location to toast cocktails, exchange banter and – so the story goes – find true love.

Dating expert Molly Peckler believes such scenarios can spark meaningful relationships away from the TV cameras.

But she also believes the one thing that will completely remove that stigma – and the attendant legal problems cannabis use poses when it comes to getting things like life insurance or advertising a pot-related business on a media platform like Facebook – is federal legalization.

“If you always feel like you can’t be yourself in front of someone, you can’t completely let them in, then those insecurities will just continue to grow,” Peckler said.

“It may not be the death of a relationship, but it certainly won’t be as fulfilling and productive as it otherwise would be.” Peckler spent some time at a cannabis consulting firm to get to know the industry before launching Highly Devoted Coaching in Chicago in June 2015. But she said the scene – not to mention the weather – is nothing compared with California.

“I talk to a lot of people who have faced stigma when it comes to dating and finding someone who accepts them for their cannabis consumption,” she said.

“It is really important that whoever you’re with doesn’t judge you for it, and accepts you for how it enhances your life.” Back home in Chicago, Peckler worked in finance for a while.

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  1. Thats something that always makes me think people are decent. his fame rocketed but he stayed married to the same person so must have been very level headed, happy in his skin (sure it wasnt the same when he popped into whoopis skin in ghost) and obviously in love!