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Besides Propofol and other issues that led to Jackson's death in 2009, Jones said MJ also struggled with a plastic surgery obsession."He’d always justify it and say it was because of some disease he had. "He had a problem with his looks because his father told him he was ugly and abused him.

"You almost can't believe it." Here are 15 of the craziest quotes from the interview published Wednesday: Jones famously co-produced Michael Jackson's "Thriller," one of the biggest records of all time, but he says the King of Pop still "stole a lot of stuff," such as the "Billie Jean" bass riff from a Donna Summer song.

Erin said: “Your man just told me I rock his world”, as Sam joked: “Smh, he don’t really care about us! ” But it turns out the Man In The Mirror is not Lourdes’ partner, but Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes.

” “Your man just told me to beat it when I asked for more sauce,” commented Bianca. He told LADbible: “I do not go into controversial history.

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 22.1 Natural radioactivity2.2 The natural dose-rate2.3 Evaluation of dose-rate2.4 Artificial irradiation2.5 Dependence on rate at which dose is delivered, and on temperature Chapter 33.1 Sample collection3.2 Preparation of aliquots for OSL measurement3.3 Measurement of OSLChapter 44.1 Unwanted signals: backgrounds and residuals4.2 Irradiation and preheating4.3 Multi-aliquot methods4.4 The single-aliquot Chapter 55.1 Aeolian deposits5.2 Water-laid sediment5.3 Organic-rich sediment5.4 Glaciation-related deposits5.5 Earthquake-related studies5.6 Two unusual applications5.7 Applications other than sediment dating Chapter 66.1 Factors affecting rapidity of bleaching6.2 The level reached6.3 Intrinsic indications about zeroing - analysis of the shine-down curve6.4 Other intrinsic indications about zeroing Chapter 77.1 Thermal transfer7.2 Shine-curve analysis revisited7.3 Reasons for preheating7.4 Preheating of feldspars and polymineral fine-grains7.5 Preheating of quartz7.6 Quartz preheating and sensitivity change7.7 Retention lifetimes "Many techniques have been developed to obtain chronometric dates . Aitken wrote this book both for practitioners who lack training in physics and for users.

Until geologists and archaeologists gain enough knowledge to evaluate the product, luminescence dating will not get the widespread application it deserves.

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